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7251 Preinkert Drive
0110 LeFrak Hall
College Park, MD 20742
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Phone: 410-328-6866 410-328-6866

Expert audiologists at the University of Maryland Hearing and Balance Center provide specialty care for patients with problems related to hearing loss, balance problems, tinnitus and hyperacusis.

A few of our treatment options include Baha implant, cochlear implant and hearing aids.

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We are in partnership with the University of Maryland College Park to provide cochlear implant services. Our office in College Park is a one-stop shop: consults, follow-up visits and speech therapy are all offered in one convenient location. Free parking is available, as well as an on-site preschool for kids with hearing loss.

Our program is led by Nicole Nguyen, Au.D., CISC, FAAA, director of audiology for University of Maryland. Dr. Nguyen is the only audiologist in Maryland who is board-certified in cochlear implants.
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For a new patient appointment, contact us at 410-328-6866.


We offer two convenient locations:

  • Prince George's County – College Park
    Cochlear Implant Program at College Park
    7251 Preinkert Drive
    0110 LeFrak Hall
    College Park, MD 20742