Audiologist showing a woman a model of the ear

Are you having trouble hearing speech when there is noise around you? Do you wish people would stop mumbling? Do you find yourself avoiding conversation because it is too hard to hear?

You may be one of the 28 million Americans with hearing loss.

Only about 20 percent of Americans with hearing loss have hearing aids. Why so few? The reasons given by consumers include the stigma of hearing aid use, the expense and concerns about lack of benefit.

With the combination of current hearing aid technology and the expertise of the University of Maryland Medical Center audiologists, you may find hearing aids that are cosmetically comfortable, affordable and provide benefit over unaided listening.

The UMMC audiologists provides comprehensive hearing aid services. These services include, but are not limited to, the routine use of measurements to verify hearing aid output (real-ear measurements), orientation to hearing aid use and tests and questionnaires to confirm that the hearing aids are providing better hearing.

Routine follow-up visits are encouraged to ensure your satisfaction with the hearing aids. Several follow-up visits are included in the cost of the hearing aids. The audiologists do not receive commissions or bonuses for hearing aid sales, so you can be assured that the hearing aids recommended for you are based on your listening needs, cosmetic preferences and budget.