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The Childbirth Education Program is for all expectant parents, grandparents and support people. All of our classes are taught by registered nurses who work at UMMC. At this time, we are offering virtual classes and tours. We also offer a virtual tour of our labor and delivery unit and the mother-baby unit.

Below is a list of classes we offer and links to virtual tours. Please contact Amy Brown, RN Childbirth Education Coordinator, at for more information or to register.

Childbirth Education Class

Developed for busy expecting parents, this class focuses on evidence-based information that empowers parents to manage the process of labor and birth and make informed choices for their birth experience. This class provides an understanding of the stages of labor and familiarity with medical and hospital procedures. Class includes what to expect in the immediate postpartum period.

Fees: Classes are free if receiving prenatal care at University of Maryland Redwood office, Penn Street office, Midtown office or Family Medicine. For all others, the fee is $45 for two attendees.

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Breastfeeding with Confidence

Learn how to breastfeed with confidence. Taught by a certified lactation consultant, this course will cover the basics of breastfeeding, including advantages of breastfeeding, initiating breastfeeding, various breastfeeding positions, establishing and identifying a good latch and feeding and pumping guidelines.

Hours: One Thursday a month from 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Fees: Classes are free if receiving prenatal care at University of Maryland Redwood office, Penn Street office, Midtown office or Family Medicine.
For all others, the fee is $45 for mother and support person.

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OnLine Lunch with Lactation

After you've had your baby, join us for our weekly online meetings to support you and your baby with breastfeeding.

Hours: Monday and Thursday from 12 to 1 pm

Fees: Free

Contact: Email for the link to the online group.

Breastfeeding in Special Circumstances

Learn how to breastfeed with confidence in special circumstances. This course will cover breastfeeding in a variety of situations, including babies with a cardiac diagnosis, cleft lip or palate, as well as multiple births and more. A certified lactation consultant will meet and work with you in the prenatal period to develop a plan for pumping and feeding when your baby is delivered. Our lactation team's goal is for our full term nursery, NICU and PICU mothers to have optimal support and encouragement during their baby's hospitalization.

When your baby is ready to go to the breast, our lactation team will assist you in latching and feeding. When you are discharged home, our lactation team will be available by phone, at support groups or see you for clinic visits.

Contact: Please email to request this class.

Return to Work Pumping Class

This class is perfect for moms who have delivered and are ready to return to work while continuing their breastfeeding journey. Know your legal rights for pumping breaks at work. Learn how to use your breast pump and techniques to maintain milk supply. We will discuss safe milk handling and storage.

To register for this class please email

Grand-Parenting 101

This single, two-hour class covers the infant care and infant CPR basics that grandparents need to know. This class is one part newborn refresher course and one part education about how that care has changed since you were raising kids.

Fees: $25 per individual or couple

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Infant Care with CPR and Safety

Taught by registered nurses using evidence-based practice, this class covers basic infant care such as bathing, cord care, diapering, temperature taking and circumcision care. Household baby-proofing and basic infant first aid are discussed along with safe sleep environment and car seat safety. Using the American Heart Association Infant CPR Anytime program, infant and child CPR and choking rescue methods will be taught.

Fees: $40

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Postpartum, the Fourth Trimester

Learn what to expect when you get home from the hospital. In this class we will review how to care for yourself and what physical changes to expect. We will discuss postpartum complications and what warning signs to look out for.

Fee: $25

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Special Baby, Special Care

This class is for when your little one needs to be in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Taught by a NICU nurse, we'll introduce participants with what to expect during an NICU stay. The class goes over the layout for the unit, explanation of the baby care team, common medical equipment and additional information that will leave your well informed before your stay.

Fee: $35

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Cesarean Delivery, What to Expect

We'll go over the details of having a planned cesarean section (C-section) and what happens during an unplanned C-section. Learn about what to expect before, during and immediately after your C-section delivery.

Fee: $35

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Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour of Obstetric Care Unit (Labor and Delivery)