At the University of Maryland Center for Weight Management & Wellness, patients will benefit from our multidisciplinary approach to weight loss, which can include surgery as well as medical weight loss programs.

Meet some satisfied patients and read about how these weight loss efforts have changed their lives.

Best Friends (and Cousins) Lose Weight Together

Stacey Chaney and Tina Nicklas, who are cousins and best friends, both weighed between 260-300 lbs. They decided to turn to UMMC's Bariatric program to shed the weight and change their lives.

Sleeve Gastrectomy Leads to Big Changes

With the help of a Sleeve Gastrectomy at UMMC and unwavering determination, Deborah Smith Adams achieved the success that she always dreamed of.

Gastric Bypass Patient Loses More Than 100 Pounds

Sarah W. gained self confidence after gastric bypass surgery helped her lose 100 pounds.

Bariatric Surgery Patient Takes Back Her Life

After photo of Vonda Bennett Vonda Bennett was referred to Dr. Mark Kligman, (director of the UM Center for Weight Management and Wellness) through her primary care doctor, who felt the University of Maryland Medical Center was the best hospital for her. 

After attending Dr. Kligman's free weight loss surgery seminar she “knew at that point, that he was the doctor of choice.

Read Vonda's story here.

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