A team of board-certified urologists works closely with other medical and surgical specialists to provide comprehensive urologic patient care.

Common urologic problems evaluated at the University of Maryland Medical Center:

Urologic Conditions

  • Kidney, bladder and prostate tumors (benign and malignant)
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Bladder dysfunction, voiding difficulties
  • Neurogenic bladders (secondary to neurodegenerative disorders, spinal cord injury, etc.)
  • Urinary incontinence, female urology
  • Infectious disease of the genitourinary tract
  • Interstitial cystitis
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease
  • Prostatitis
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Infertility
  • Genitourinary reconstruction
  • Kidney stones
  • Endourology (laparoscopic surgery such as laparoscopic donor nephrectomies)

Comprehensive Evaluations

  • Complex fluoro urodynamic evaluations
  • Penile duplex studies
  • Urogynecology evaluations with gynecology and urology services
  • Prostate cancer screening
  • Prostate ultrasound

Specialized Treatments

  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Implant surgery for erectile dysfunction
  • Robotic prostatectomy: The latest, most minimally invasive approach to prostate cancer surgery
  • Radioactive seed implantation for prostatic cancer
  • Simultaneous bilateral nephrectomy transplant for polycystic kidney disease
  • Nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy (both retropubic and perineal for prostate cancer)
  • Transurethral needle ablation of prostate (TUNA)
  • Laparoscopic surgery for pelvic lymph node dissection and nephrectomies
  • Artificial urinary sphincters
  • Orthotopic bladder diversions
  • Percutaneous nephrolithotripsy
  • Pubovaginal bladder suspension and cystocele repair
  • Sacral neuromodulation for urinary incontinence
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation (biofeedback and electrical stimulation)

Special Programs

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