Patients waiting for an organ transplant can be listed at multiple hospitals.

Registering at more than one transplant center may shorten your wait time.

While not all transplant centers accept patients on another's centers list, at UMMC we encourage patients to multiple list with us.

The way the organ transplant waiting listing process works is that when an organ becomes available, it first is offered to patients on the list in that local area or region.

If there is no suitable match for it there, it is offered to patients elsewhere in the region or country.

If you are listed at transplant centers in different geographic areas, you will be considered for more organs.

How to Multiple List at UMMC

Patients can be evaluated for multiple listing at any transplant location staffed by the transplant team or from home by eVisit.

If an organ becomes available at UMMC, our transplant team will perform the transplant surgery. That means you will need to travel to UMMC in Baltimore, Maryland, for your transplant.

Patients who are multiple listed with UMMC should:

  • Be able to arrive at UMMC in Baltimore within 12 hours of an organ becoming available for transplant.
  • Recover as an inpatient at UMMC for approximately one week after your surgery.
  • Expect to stay in Baltimore for one week after discharge from UMMC.

This ensures that you can attend follow-up appointments with the UMMC team. Our concierge services team can assist you in planning your time in Baltimore.

We collaborate with your physicians at home so that they can manage your long-term follow-up care.

Contact Us

For additional information about our transplant program or to request an evaluation or an appointment, please call 1-800-492-5538.