"Living Donor Kidney Transplant Educational Concepts" - Watch this webcast (video recorded webinar) to learn from UMMC transplant health professionals.

Leave dialysis behind. Start living your best life with a living donor kidney transplant.

University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) invites you and your loved ones to register for a free, online webinar. Learn how finding a living donor can help you fast-track a kidney transplant.

Click on a link below to register.

2024 Webinars

How to Find a Living Donor

Despite the obstacles to finding a living donor, patients can employ UMMC's tips to move closer to receiving their transplant.

Living Donor Kidney Transplant Educational Concepts

Learn from UMMC health professionals about kidney transplants, average wait times on the transplant list and the benefits of receiving a kidney from a living donor.

"Top 10 Living Donor Strategies" - Watch this video to learn helpful tips.

Please call 410-328-5408 and ask to speak to the Kidney Living Donor Nurse Coordinator if you are unable to register using the links above or for additional questions.

Living Donor Screening

Potential living donors may go to this Living Donor Form page to fill out an online health history questionnaire, which helps determine if they are a candidate to donate a kidney.

How You Can Help: Recipients with living donors get transplants faster and have better outcomes. Even if you cannot be the donor, you can play a valuable role by becoming a living donor transplant champion. Learn more about living donor champions.