Shock Trauma Team Logo

The EMS Office can:

  • Assist the EMS clinicians in the identification and resolution of any concerns related to the Shock Trauma Center.
  • Propose and assist in the development of new programs and services designed to meet the educational needs of the EMS clinicians.
  • Plan, organize and coordinate continuing educational opportunities for the EMS community, including but not limited to clinical observations, evening educational programs, tours and airway labs.
  • Provide patient feedback for EMS clinicians.
  • Supervise and coordinate EMS clinician equipment retrieval and return to the appropriate agency.
  • Represent the Shock Trauma Center at EMS conferences statewide.
  • Assist in the development of Shock Trauma legislative initiatives involving EMS clinician issues.
  • Plan, organize and coordinate the hero award ceremony for the annual Shock Trauma Gala.
  • Assist with the development of local and regional disaster exercises. Serve as liaison to local and state emergency management agencies in the development of emergency preparedness plans.
  • Plan and promote the development and implementation of prehospital research projects in selected jurisdictions in conjunction with hospital research initiatives.

EMS Clinicians: For all patient feedback, please call 410-328-8844.