Rudy Jurricks Hip ImageRudolph Jurricks worked as a Lead Custodian with the Frederick County School System for more than 30 years. All day every day he was on his feet – mopping floors, changing light bulbs and more.

It wasn’t until after he retired that Rudolph started feeling an immense amount of pain in his lower back and hips while doing ordinary household chores. It was almost impossible for him to walk without a limp.

After seeing a location orthopedic doctor in Frederick, Rudolph found out his hip needed to be replaced. He was told bone was rubbing on bone, and his only option was surgery, more specifically, a hip replacement.

Rudolph wanted to have his surgery done at a large, academic medical center, where physicians bring a breadth of experience and expertise often not found elsewhere.

He was referred to University of Maryland’s Department of Orthopaedics, where he met Dr. Vincent Ng.

Below Rudolph discusses his experience with Dr. Ng and the University of Maryland:

“He explained everything to me very clearly and calmly. I was very overwhelmed with everything before meeting Dr. Ng, but after meeting him, I would’ve gone under the knife that day if possible.

The best thing I ever did was pick up the phone and call the University of Maryland. I could hardly walk before, and now I am up and walking around and am back to my normal life.  

After surgery, he was totally available to help with any problems if I had them. I’m glad I definitely lucked out with him.”

For more information, or to make an appointment with the University of Maryland Department of Orthopaedics call 410-448-6400.

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