UMMC Heart Valve leaders James Gammie, MD, and Murtaza Dawood, MD

There are currently two treatment options for severe mitral regurgitation.

The first option repairs or replaces the valve by open heart surgery, and the second option repairs the mitral valve using a catheter, avoiding open heart surgery.

While open surgery remains the best treatment for mitral valve regurgitation, some patients are too sick for an operation.

Catheter-based repair provides an option they can tolerate, since it is minimally invasive, does not open the chest and avoids a heart-lung machine, which temporarily takes over for the heart and lungs.

We have a proven track record with transcatheter mitral valve repair, relieving symptoms like shortness of breath and avoiding complications like heart failure.

Our program offers:

  • Deep experience: We were the first center in Maryland to offer catheter-based mitral valve repair and continue to perform this procedure successfully.
  • Skilled team: Our mitral valve surgeons work with top interventional cardiologists, bringing together two disciplines for the best approach.
  • Treatment choices: We offer catheter-based repair as an approved treatment for the main form of mitral valve regurgitation as well as clinical trial options they are not widely available. 

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