Mitral Valve Patient Stories

Former Smoker has Successful Mitral Valve Repair

Kathryn Kingsley, a former smoker, thought her shortness of breath was due to COPD. After visiting a cardiologist, she was told that it was actually a leaking mitral valve. Watch this video to hear about her experience at the University of Maryland.

Patient Discusses Mitral Valve Repair

Stacie Foxwell was surprised to find out that she needed open heart surgery. Watch this video to hear about her experience.


Virginia Woman Shares the Story of Her Successful Mitral Valve Repair

Virginia resident Elizabeth Norris never suspected anything was wrong with her heart. However, the results of an echocardiography test and cardiac catheterization indicated she had severe mitral valve regurgitation and needed surgery to correct the problem.

Her physician referred her to Dr. James Gammie at the University of Maryland Medical Center, an expert in mitral valve surgery, who was able to successfully repair her leaking valve.

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Jack Meyers with his grandkids

Aortic Valve Surgery Patient Enjoying Time With Great Grandchildren

When he was in his late 60s, Jack Myers was told that he had aortic valve regurgitation, which allows blood in the heart to flow backwards. At first, he wasn't worried.

After a trip to his cardiologist which resulted in a false positive reading on his stress test, he was sent to the University of Maryland Medical Center for a cardiac catheterization. The experience went so well that Jack knew immediately where he wanted his surgery done: with surgeons at UMMC.

Read about Jack's surgery and his recovery.
Mitral Valve Repair Kent Kreuger

Patient Flies From Arizona for Mitral Valve Repair

Kent Krueger knew he had mitral valve prolapse, a diagnosis he received in his 30s, and that he would require surgery in about five to seven years. But at an annual appointment with his doctor, he received news that his surgery would have to be performed much sooner than expected.

After visiting with a surgeon at Mayo Hospital in Scottsdale, Ariz., he knew he wanted to have a repair surgery instead of a replacement. But Kent wanted a more-experienced surgeon - the Mayo Hospital's surgeon said he did about 20 to 25 mitral valve surgeries per year.

Kent searched the internet and found Dr. James Gammie, who performs more than 200 mitral valve surgeries a year. That was enough for Kent to make the decision to fly across the country for his mitral valve repair surgery.

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Aortic Valve Surgery Patient and His Wife Praise UM Heart Center Staff for Excellent Care

Michael Brown found out when he was 45 that he had aortic valve regurgitation, showing no symptoms beyond high blood pressure.

After meeting with UMMC's staff, he knew it was where he wanted to have his surgery.

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Tony Foreman

Aortic Valve Replacement Patient "Back in the Gym" Soon After Surgery

Restaurant owner Tony Foreman was born with discriminating taste buds, an appreciation of fine wines and, unfortunately, two congenital heart defects. His condition did not slow him down. But after turning 37, Foreman's cardiologist warned him that down the road he would need to have his aortic valve repaired.

Both Foreman and his doctor suspected that would be at least a decade away, but just four months following that conversation, Foreman found himself out of breath quite easily.

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