A voice disorder can be any production problem that is noted in the pitch, loudness or quality in the individual's voice. The disorder can range from mild hoarseness to complete loss of voice. Causes of the problems can be related to injury, improper breathing, not using the voice appropriately, neurologic problems and medical/physical conditions.

Voice therapy can provide a significant improvement in the overall function of the voice and teach the most effective way to produce voice. It can frequently resolve the vocal disorder and works in tandem with medical/surgical options. In many instances, it can help return the voice to normal production without other interventions. The best way to evaluate the vocal problem is utilizing the team approach with the otolaryngologist and speech language pathologist managing your vocal issues.

Conditions voice therapy can treat:

  • Vocal nodules and polyps
  • Vocal overuse syndromes
  • Vocal hygiene for singers and professional voice users

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