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Founded in July 2004, the University of Maryland Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary center that provides care for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). The center now cares for more than 1,300 patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Our program is unique in that patients can see a gastroenterologist, surgeon and nutritionist at the same appointment. This facet of the program is crucial for coordination between the medical and surgical services and offers convenience for patients who often travel many miles for visits. Additionally, in January 2006, the program opened its Infusion Center. In June 2009, our infusion services moved to our newly renovated Infusion Center in the Digestive Health Center. This center offers patients flexibility in scheduling, continuity of care and now provides the ability to schedule dual clinic and infusion visits. Our nurse practitioner  monitors all visits. This advance has greatly improved satisfaction and safety for patients receiving biologics and other infusion therapies.

For research and education purposes, the program developed an Inflammatory Bowel Disease Working Group that meets every month. Attendees include gastroenterologists, surgeons, pathologists, scientists, nurses, ostomy nurses, nutritionists, and trainees. The purpose of the group is to foster a team approach to the care of patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Discussion topics usually have a clinical focus; however, research ideas are often presented during this forum. In November 2005, the IBD Program sponsored its first regional Inflammatory Bowel Disease Symposium that included speakers from both within and outside the institution. The conference was extremely well attended and highly rated, and has now become an semi-annual event. Beginning in July 2005, the IBD Program developed a training program for gastroenterology fellows interested in inflammatory bowel disease. The program is multifaceted containing a clinical component, clinical research, and advanced course work in clinical research. All phases of research have expanded since the program's inception. Please visit the Research section of our Web site to learn about the studies being done within the program

We think that the University of Maryland Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program has several unique aspects that set it apart from other centers specializing in the care of patients with IBD.

  • Physician Expertise: Our physicians and nurses have a focus and commitment to the care of patients with IBD. They have vast experience in diagnosing and treating these disorders

  • Multidisciplinary Care: Because of the complexity of the disease, patients with IBD often require care from multiple providers. Patients in our program are able to see a gastroenterologist and surgeon at the same clinic site, often at the same visit when appropriate. Other resources such as imaging, endoscopy, pathology, and consult services are available at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

  • Timely Service: Our physicians strive to see all new patients in a timely manner, and to communicate our recommendations to referring physicians within one week of the office visit.

  • Patient Advocacy: Our physicians design treatment plans after extensive discussions with patients to ensure that their concerns are being met. We encourage an ongoing dialogue with our patients throughout the treatment process so that patients are actively involved in their care.

We think that you will be pleased with our services. We welcome your referrals. To schedule a referral, please contact Ethel Wiggleton at 410-706-3387.

IBD Research and Clinical Trials

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The University of Maryland Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Research Program is a national leader in clinical research.