The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) and University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc.(UM FPI) have created a shared strategic plan for fiscal years 2024-2027.

How does this strategic plan fit in with the UMMS Strategic Framework?

Transforming Academic Health Care was built with the System's strategic priorities top of mind. The shared strategic plan is in alignment with and supports the overall UMMS Strategic Framework.

What entities are included in this plan?

Academic Health Care is a shared initiative between University of Maryland Medical Center, which includes Downtown Campus and Midtown Campus; and University of Maryland School of Medicine, which includes University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc.

How were the goals and strategies developed?

In the summer of 2021, the UMMC Board of Directors charged the leadership of UMMC and the School of Medicine to develop, for the first time, a joint strategic plan to align our organizations and to remain a viable health care resource for the region. Throughout that fall, we gathered the perspectives of staff, faculty, trainees, patients, community members and UMMS member hospital leaders through focus groups, surveys and interviews. This research included more than 400 individuals who represented diverse key stakeholder groups.

We established the Planning and Implementation Committee in Fall 2022 to develop the strategic plan using the input and information gathered in the research phase. The committee is comprised of equal representation from UMMC and UMSOM and will convene six times a year to review progress toward our goals.

What role will team members have in the shared strategic plan?

Most importantly, we ask all team members to become familiar with the plan's goals and strategies. This strategic plan will require that we all think differently about how we collaborate, problem-solve and work together across institutions. You may be asked to work more closely with colleagues from another institution or approach your work in new ways.

As we move forward, it's up to each leader, manager, team member and faculty member to understand how our work advances these goals and ask questions to ensure responsibilities are aligned with this plan. In the coming months, we will provide worksheets for managers that will bring the tactics of the plan to life within individual departments and units, and accomplishments at all levels will be shared with leadership. The strategic plan website will include resources for team members, leaders and other stakeholders.

What makes this plan different from strategic plans of the past?

For our team members, this plan will create streamlined processes and more effective decision making that will make your daily job easier. And, when your job is easier, we can take better care of our patients.

This plan is the first collaboratively developed and implemented by the three leading health care entities in our state: the University of Maryland Medical Center, the University of Maryland School of Medicine and UM Faculty Physicians, Inc. Leaders have committed to work more closely together to capitalize on our strengths and bring innovative, standard-setting solutions to our patients and the communities we serve.

What are the strategic plan's clinical program priorities for the next three years?

Among the many priorities outlined in the shared strategic plan, we have identified the tier 1 and tier 2 clinical priorities. Tier 1 are strategic clinical program priority areas for the next three years. Tier 2 programs will be optimized for performance, focusing on cost, quality, value and competitiveness.

Tier 1:

  • UM Greenebaum Cancer Comprehensive Center
  • UM Neurosciences
  • UM Cardiovascular Services
  • Living-Related Organ Transplantation
  • Chronic Disease, Psychiatry and Addictions in West Baltimore

Tier 2:

  • UM Shock Trauma
  • UM Organ Transplantation
  • UM Perinatal Center, including Neonatology
  • UM Pediatric Heart Program