Anyone can have a stroke, but there are certain factors that can place you at a higher risk. Some of these cannot be changed, while others that are often linked to our lifestyle, are more easily controlled.

Uncontrollable Risk Factors:

  • Age: older people are more at-risk for strokes
  • Gender: men are more likely to have strokes than women, but more women die from strokes
  • Heredity: if your parent, grandparent or sibling had a stroke, you are more likely to have one
  • Race: African Americans have a greater risk of stroke than Caucasians because of an increased risk of high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes
  • A Prior Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA): if you have had a stroke or TIA before, you are at greater risk for another
    Controllable Risk Factors:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Exercising
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Limiting or eliminating alcohol consumption
  • Controlling diabetes
  • Controlling high blood pressure
  • Lowering LDL cholesterol
  • Taking your medications, as prescribed