Signs of a stroke and its effects may vary based on which side of the brain the stroke is occurring in. Quick treatment is important to preserving brain function and ensuring the highest possible quality of life after a stroke.

If you think you or a loved one is having a stroke, call 911 immediately.

Know the Signs

B.E.F.A.S.T. is a helpful way to notice the signs of a stroke. If you notice the sudden onset of these signs, call 911 right away. 

  • Balance: Loss of balance, dizziness or headache
  • Eyes: Blurry vision
  • Face Drooping: Is the person's face droopy or numb on one side? Ask the person to smile to get a better idea if there face is affected.
  • Arm Weakness: Is one arm (or leg) weak or numb? If you ask the person to raise their arms and one side drifts down, this could be a sign of a stroke.
  • Speech Difficulty: Is the person's speech slurred or uneven? Ask them to repeat a phrase, like "I like chocolate" to help you determine if they could be having a stroke.
  • Time to call 9-1-1: Only one of these symptoms could be a sign of a stroke. Call for help immediately.