Nursing recording a footprint of a newborn

After your baby is born, your childbirth experience continues as you turn your attention to bonding with your baby in the Mother-Baby Unit at UM St. Joseph.

Your large, private room is equipped with a daybed for your partner and features care equipment designed for the safety of mom and newborn.

Taking Care of You and Your Baby

Our team will make you comfortable, orient you to the room and review routine and safety precautions with you. Your baby will go to the nursery for a brief period for a bath and observation. Afterwards, you and your baby will be cared for together.

Keeping your baby safe is a vital priority at UM St. Joseph Medical Center. We maintain a sophisticated security system and all Mother-Baby areas require badge access. Learn more about visitor policy in our Mother-Baby Unit.

Our on-site photography service will provide you with a "baby's first official digital photo" of your little one.

Your Nurses

The Mother-Baby nurses at St. Joseph Medical Center realize that, for new moms, having a baby can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. That's why they take the extra time and support to teach you how to take care of your precious infant, including bathing, feeding and changing diapers.

Another great resource during your hospital stay: Tune in to UM St. Joseph's 24-hour TV channel about newborns, which provides additional helpful information about caring for your baby.

Our nurses focus on our new moms' health, too, monitoring your physical health and mental well-being with a caring and reassuring personal touch.

Lactation Consultants

UM St. Joseph offers lactation consultant services to support moms who want to breastfeed. Our lactation consultants are registered nurses with specialized training and certification in counseling, education and support for breastfeeding mothers.

The WarmLine, at 410-337-3994, gives you direct phone access to a St. Joseph lactation consultant. Breast pump sales and rental are also available.

Baby Name Blessing

Our Spiritual Care Department offers a special service to bless your new family and name the baby. It is offered to all families upon request and can be a spiritually meaningful way to welcome a new life into the family.



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Your baby deserves the best. Our pediatricians are here when your baby arrives, your trusted care partners as your child grows.
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