VELYS - Knee Replacement - Robotic Surgery

The joint replacement experts at UM St. Joseph work with each patient to provide an individualized treatment plan, which may include robotic surgery for knee replacement.

UM St. Joseph was the first hospital in Maryland to utilize the VELYS robot for total knee replacement – an advanced technology known for precision and accuracy in total knee replacement

The Benefits of Robotic-assisted Knee Replacement

Our robotic-assisted knee replacement technique is beneficial to both the patient and the surgeon – aiding the surgeon in providing the best possible outcome. It provides valuable, patient-specific, real-time data to the surgeon, allowing for the surgeon to optimally remove bone and place the knee implant based on the patient's anatomy.

The robotic-assisted technology allows the surgeon to fully plan the most ideal, individualized knee balance for each individual patient before the surgery even begins. The surgeon then uses the robot to carry out the plan during surgery. Once the surgery has been completed, the surgeon knows what the individual knee's range of motion and soft tissue balance are – these are unique to each person and are essential for joint alignment, stability and durability.

After robotic knee replacement surgery, patients typically report:

  • A greater range of motion
  • Faster recovery times and less pain than traditional methods
  • Shorter hospital stay 

The Knee Replacement Surgeons at UM St. Joseph

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