As you prepare for surgery, you'll meet the team of health care professionals who will participate in your care and guide you through the recovery process. You'll work together toward regaining your ability to care for yourself and get back to your normal activities.

Your Team

Orthopaedic Surgeon

He/she will perform the surgical procedure and follow your care during your hospital stay.

Primary Care Physician or Hospitalist

You might need to meet with him/her prior to your surgery if you have several medical problems. This person may complete your initial pre-op workup and they may follow your care during your hospital stay.


This physician will see you before your surgery to discuss your medical history and the type of anesthesia that will be used.

Nurses and Nurse Technicians

These staff members work together as a team to provide care for you in various areas of the hospital. A nurse will get you ready for surgery, manage your care in the operating room, and take care of you in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). Your care will also be managed by a nurse on the orthopaedic unit.

Chaplain/Spiritual Care Staff

This staff member can assist you or your family with emotional and religious support.

Physical/Occupational Therapist

These staff members will assist you with your exercise and strengthening routines, walking and maintaining your ADL functions.

Case Manager

This staff member will assist you with your discharge planning needs, either home or rehab placement.

Respiratory Therapist

This staff member will assist you with your coughing and deep breathing exercises.

Towson Sports Medicine Staff

Towson Sports Medicine Center was established by Dr. Kenneth Gertsen and features state-of-the-art rehabilitation for all orthopaedic injuries and orthopaedic-related problems. Visit the Towson Sports Medicine website.

Towson Orthopaedic Associates provides treatment from extensively trained, board-certified surgeons and specialists with six office and hospital locations in Baltimore County and Harford County. Visit the Towson Orthopaedic Associates website.

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