Morgan Gause

What does a parent do when their child is injured while playing after-school sports? Rush to the nearest emergency room? Find an urgent care center? That's the predicament that Stephanie Jones thought she was in when she saw her daughter Morgan go down on the basketball court with an injured knee during a game at Oldfields School, where Morgan is a junior.

Timely After Hours Acute Injury Care

Fortunately, the school's athletic trainer, Claire Guidera, knew about After Hours Acute Injury Care in Towson. "I was nervous about Morgan's injury. It was swelling, and I iced it. I wanted her to see an orthopaedic doctor," she says. "It's my job to assess a student's injuries and make sure they see a trained physician in a timely manner."

Guidera says she had sent a couple of students to Towson Sports Medicine and Towson Orthopaedic Associates, where they received excellent care.

"It was almost 7 pm, so we called ahead to let them know that Morgan and her parents were on their way," she adds. "They assured us they would wait for them."

"My daughter was able to walk into the clinic and be seen right away. I was so relieved," recalls Jones. "By the time we arrived, they had all her health information from the school trainer. They immediately did X-rays and diagnosed a sprained knee. She was fitted with a brace on the spot."

Morgan was seen for a follow-up visit the next week and was cleared to play basketball wearing the brace.

Expert Care, Peace of Mind

"Morgan and her parents were afraid that she'd torn her ACL, which could have finished her for the season," says Mary Jo Holloran, CRNP, the orthopedic nurse practitioner who treated Morgan. "It was good to be able to allay their fears. I really love this after hours service. It's very rewarding to help athletes who are in pain and worried about their injuries."

Morgan, who plays varsity and AAU basketball and plans to play in college, has had her share of sports injuries over the years. "This was so much easier and better than going to an emergency room, where I've gone before and had to wait for hours," she says.

Her mother agrees. "This was our first experience with Towson Sports Medicine and Towson Orthopaedic Associates, and it was wonderful," says Jones.

Seamless Care for All Ages

Holloran describes the broad scope of care offered: "We see all sorts of athletic and orthopedic injuries.

Our patients range from young children to adults who come after work. While our main focus is sports injuries, we see everything from sprains to fractures to falls. The care is seamless. We can perform X-rays, and we have durable medical equipment services to fit patients with braces, boots, splints and crutches. We do casting. We also schedule patients with expert orthopedic physicians and physical therapists for follow-up care."

From Weekend Warrior to Olympic Level

The After Hours Acute Injury Program is one of many services customized by Towson Sports Medicine and Towson Orthopaedic Associates to support elite athletic care in the community.

"We provide access to the full range of sports medicine for athletes of any ability and age, from the weekend warrior to school athletes to Olympic-level athletes," says board-certified pediatric sports medicine specialist Teri McCambridge, MD.

"Our staff consists of sports medicine trained physicians, physician assistants, certified athletic trainers and nurse practitioners. We also offer diagnostic testing, injury screening and baseline concussion testing along with comprehensive rehabilitation by sports physical therapists."

Thanks to Towson Sports Medicine's high quality of care and outstanding reputation, many area school athletic programs have contracted to have certified athletic trainers on the side-lines covering practices and events.

Towson Sports Medicine provides out-reach services to many high schools featuring injury evaluation services, instruction on injury prevention/rehabilitation, concussion care and other health-related concerns.


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