We begin with a conservative approach to arthritis pain. We perform advanced repairs for patients with common but debilitating knee injuries due to damaged cartilage. When needed, we perform the most advanced joint replacement surgery for knees, hips, and shoulders, as well as revision of previously replaced joints, to achieve the most active lifestyle possible.

Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is usually an outpatient procedure to repair torn cartilage (aka the labrum) and to remove extra bone that occurs in the very earliest stages of arthritis using small stab incisions around the hip to allow for insertion of the arthroscope (tiny camera). It is rarely indicated for patients over 50 years of age.

Knee Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy involves a surgeon making a small incision in the knee and irrigates and removes loose pieces of cartilage. In the arthritic knee, there is a limited role for an arthroscopy. Results of a "clean out" or a "wash out" are unpredictable and would be appropriate only in very selected cases.

Knee Cartilage Procedures

This procedure involves implanting cartilage cells into the area of disease in the knee. While appealing in concept, there is a role for this procedure in an arthritic knee where the disease is very localized and has no role to play in the treatment of the advanced arthritic knee.

Joint Replacement

Learn more about the joint replacement procedures available at UM St. Joseph Medical Center.