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Reflective of our mission, UM St. Joseph’s Community Health Department is committed to enhancing individual's quality of life at all stages through classes, programs and services. A broad variety of health-related topics are offered to the community. By partnering with local groups, the department can also provide services that help make Baltimore a healthier place for all.

Offsite Health Event Requests

UM St. Joseph’s Community Health Department is pleased to accept offsite event requests. The Community Health team helps identify the unique health needs of your audience and with your input, determines a topic or screening that will best serve your event participants. We will inquire about the gender, age, educational level and health concerns of your participants and the format of the event.
Community Health provides general education and awareness on topics such as bone health, cancer, heart health and stroke, hydration, men’s health, women’s health, sleep, stress, sun safety and vaccinations.

For more information, please contact Community Health 410-337-1479.

Learn more about our programs, screenings and classes at our Classes and Events calendar.