Stroke Survivor Support Group

UM St. Joseph Stroke Center Support Group, in partnership with Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC), provides an in-person and virtual forum for learning, listening and socializing with others. Our free stroke group encourages participants to share their experiences as well as offer comfort and empowerment to others.

This group meets the third Tuesday of every month from 2 - 3:30 pm in person and via WebEx.

To register please call 410-427-2175 or email the Stroke Coordinator, Karen Gonzalez at

Beyond Intensive Care: Surviving & Thriving

UM St. Joseph Medical Center offers a Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) peer support group. Beyond Intensive Care: Surviving &Thriving supports current and past ICU patients and family members, to help them connect with others who may have had similar experiences.

This group meets the first Wednesday of every month, from 5-6 pm in-person or virtually via WebEx

To register and for more information, please

Crohn's Disease & Colitis Support Group

This free adult community group provides patients, along with their families and friends, an opportunity to meet and talk with others who have similar experiences with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

View all of our support groups on our Classes and Events calendar.