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Our physicians have expertise in a full spectrum of urological diseases and disorders affecting men and women.

Whether you're suffering from the annoying symptoms of an enlarged prostate or incontinence, the pain of kidney stones, the disruptions caused by erectile dysfunction, or a more serious condition, we can help.

We take an individual approach to your care, developing a treatment plan that meets your individual needs. Our advanced treatments include the latest innovations in robotic surgery, water vapor therapy, penile implants and more.

You can count on us to provide convenient access to high quality, comprehensive patient-centered care that improves the health and wellness of our patients.

To make an appointment with one of our urologists, please call 410-820-0560.

Our Locations

Conditions We Treat

We have experts in a number of different urologic conditions, and our team will create a plan to help treat your condition. Diseases we treat frequently include:

  • Bladder Cancer
  • Enlarged Prostate (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Female Pelvic Issues
  • Kidney Stones
  • Male Stress Incontinence After Prostate Surgery
  • Overactive Bladder
  • Reconstructive Urology
  • Vasectomy
  • Peyronie's Disease

Treating Cancer

Our urologists are part of the care team for many different cancers, including cancer of the bladder, kidney, prostate, testicles or urethra.

We work together with UM Shore Regional Health's cancer experts to give you the best outcomes possible.

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