For Immediate Release September 02, 2021

Pro Football Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden earned his place in history protecting quarterbacks. Now, in partnership with the University of Maryland Medical System, the former offensive tackle says you don’t need a Super Bowl ring to watch your loved ones’ blind side.

“I know a thing or two about protecting others. That was my responsibility on the football field and it’s still my responsibility. That’s why I got the COVID vaccine,” Ogden says in a new public service announcement for UMMS encouraging individuals to get the vaccine. “With COVID cases on the rise, getting the vaccine is an easy way to protect yourself and your community.”

Ogden got vaccinated as soon as he could. He joined the UMMS effort believing that if his message helps save just one life, it’s worth it.

“When our hospitals are filled with COVID patients, there are fewer beds for others, like heart attack patients or someone who has been in a car crash,” Ogden says. “Getting the vaccine is a service to others. Make an impact – get the vaccine.”

Ogden is the latest Baltimore football star to encourage Marylanders to get vaccinated. In April, placekicker Justin Tucker championed COVID vaccination in the “Take One for the Team” PSA.
As of September 1, UMMS has provided more than 640,000 vaccinations as a health system. More information about how and where to get the COVID vaccine is available here on the UMMS website.