It is the mission of the multidisciplinary Clark Comprehensive Breast Center team to serve our community by providing the highest quality breast cancer care and by reducing the risk of breast cancer through early detection, education and lifestyle changes.

Philosophy of Care

At the Clark Comprehensive Breast Center, we strive to deliver excellent breast care that is timely, meets the highest standards and is consistent with your values. When a patient comes into the Center, our goal is to see the whole person. Throughout treatment we work to make the course as worry-free and seamless as possible. We do this by helping to schedule and coordinate care with other offices and treatment centers. Our goal is to keep our patients whole in mind, body and spirit. We do this by making our patients our top priority every day.

We are a living part of the community in which we work. Our interest in breast care goes beyond the treatment of breast cancer in women and men who come to our center, but extends out into the community where we maintain a real presence in teaching about breast exams, breast screening and breast cancer prevention through our outreach workers and community events.