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While CT and PET scans are used individually for a variety of diagnostic options, the highly defined, 3-D images they provide can also be used together to closely pinpoint exact locations in the body. Information from the PET scan is matched up with anatomical landmarks on the CT scan to help stage a disease more accurately for treatment planning in treating conditions such as cancer and heart disease. PET/CT services are offered at UM Shore Regional Health's Diagnostic and Imaging Center in Easton on Wednesdays.

PET/CT Procedure Preparation

Skull Base to Thighs

  1. Are you claustrophobic? If so, you need to contact your physician for medication.
  2. Dress comfortable and warm.
  3. You may expect to be here 2-3 hours.
  4. Do not wear jewelry or metal.
  5. You should not be pregnant or breast feeding.
    • Non-Diabetic Patients:
      Nothing to eat or drink, except a little water, 6 hours before the exam.
      You may take your medications in the morning with water only.
    • Diabetic Patients:
      Insulin injected patients should have a normal breakfast and take your insulin 4 hours before your appointment time.
      Oral medicated diabetic patients should NOT take their medication. Bring diabetic medicine with you.
      Nothing to eat or drink 6 hours prior to your appointment time.
  6. If your physician gave you a written order, you must bring it with you.
  7. Check-in at outpatient registration 15 minutes before your appointment.
  8. Report to Imaging Services after registering.