Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a non-invasive test that uses radio waves and a strong magnetic field to create computer-generated images of the body's various tissues. MRI is especially useful in diagnosing spine and joint problems, injuries to ligaments and muscles, and certain tumors and disorders in the abdomen and chest. It can even help spot a stroke in its early stages. 

MRIs may be scheduled by appointment only at the locations below. To schedule, call 443-225-7474.





  • Diagnostic and Imaging Center at Easton
  • UM Shore Regional Health MRI Services at The Orthopedic Center      
    • Location: 510 Idlewild Ave, Suite 100B, Easton, MD 21601
    • The new 3T Siemens Skyra Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner at The Orthopedic Center in Easton offers state-of-the imaging capabilities. Its powerful 3T (tesla) magnetic field offers an enhanced signal, which results in high quality, detailed images. The 3T MRI is ideal for small, detailed areas of the brain, vascular system, and musculoskeletal regions, especially the wrist, hand, fingers and toes.
    • MRI services are by appointment only, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm. To schedule, call 443-225-7474.