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UM Shore Regional Health offers a broad scope of services for diagnosing, staging and treating breast disease in partnership with the Comprehensive Breast Center and Cancer Center. Digital mammograms, which are non-invasive radiological examinations, remain the mainstay of screening for early breast cancer. These mammograms can be used in conjunction with other tools, depending on test results. These include: CAD (computer aided detection), breast ultrasound, fine needle aspiration, biopsy, stereotactic breast biopsy, needle localization, sentinel node localization and breast MRI.

Breast Imaging Procedure Preparation


Procedure preparation for mammography:

  1. Do not wear deodorant, powder, body lotions or colognes.
  2. A two piece outfit should be worn for comfort.
  3. If your previous mammogram was done at another facility, please bring the location and/or the mammograms with you.


Procedure preparation for ultrasound or CT scan biopsy:

  1. Clear liquids only past midnight.
  2. Must have a driver.
  3. Needs to have lab work done within 7 days of biopsy.
  4. Needs to have history and physical sent to Imaging Services from ordering physicians office.
  5. NO blood thinners (aspirin, or aspirin based) for a minimum of 3 days, preferably 5 days.

Stereotactic Ultrasound Biopsy

Specific preparation information will be given when your appointment is scheduled.