University of Maryland Portfolio MD

Welcome to PortfolioMD for Shore Regional Health. PortfolioMD is our secure web portal connecting healthcare providers to Epic Portfolio, allowing you to access your patient information when they are treated at a participating UMMS-affiliated hospital or ambulatory location.

PortfolioMD allows you to:

  • Receive real-time notifications in PortfolioMD when a patient under your care is treated at a participating UMMS-affiliated hospital or ambulatory care location
  • Access patient information and clinical data in real time including lab, imaging and test results; hospital admissions; discharge summaries; consultation notes and emergency department encounter notes
  • Communicate securely with UMMS providers

To request access online:

  1. Access the online request form here
  2. Select PortfolioMD Access Request
  3. Log in using these credentials 

    USERNAME: Cherwell\Community2

  4. Complete all fields, check yes to agree and save in the upper left-hand corner

To request access via fax:

  1. Download the PortfolioMD Account Request Form (with fax cover sheet)
  2. Fill out the form and fax it to our team

You will receive a welcome email within 24-48 hours.

Thank you for allowing us to be your partner in taking care of your patients.