Telemedicine for Primary Care

The University of Maryland Midtown Health Center now offers telemedicine appointments for new and existing patients. To schedule a telehealth appointment, please call 410-856-3660.

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The University of Maryland Midtown Health Center primary care physicians are your partners for better health.

Our primary care physicians develop strong relationships with patients focusing on providing prevention-based health care. Midtown Health Center physicians are the first point of contact for all of your health issues and concerns, and we take pride in our ability to provide high-quality, compassionate care.

Your Partner for Better Health

By now, you've likely been asked, perhaps by friends or family looking for a new provider themselves, or by a health care professional, "Who is your primary care physician?" If you have one, great! But if you don't, it's important that you find a primary care physician so that you can build a relationship that will help you stay healthy now and into the future

Primary care physicians know your health history, will continue caring for you over the long term, and can recommend specialists and coordinate treatment if you need it. Additionally, they can treat common health problems, helping ensure that your journey back to health will be as quick as possible.

Quick Access to Specialty Care

Our primary care physicians are equipped to treat and help patients manage most sudden and chronic illnesses. However, should you need additional specialty care, the Midtown Health Center partners with UMMC Midtown Campus specialty physicians and faculty physicians from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. This allows quick access to high-quality specialty care on-site at the UMMC Midtown Campus or UMMC Downtown Campus.

Through care-coordination and communication, Midtown Health Center primary care physicians ensures that every care provider on your team is involved in your treatment.

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