Stephanie has been a patient with the University of Maryland Medical System for years. She comes to the UMMC Midtown Campus to help manage her diabetes, sleep and lung health.

At the UM Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology (UMCDE), our staff meets patients' educational needs via individual sessions with a diabetic educator and/or in small groups led by certified diabetes educators.

Most of our classes and support groups are open to anyone, not just patients of UMCDE.

This includes our:

To schedule an appointment, call 443-682-6800.

Diabetes Educators

It's a good idea to see a diabetes educator at least annually. As a result of research and technological innovations, diabetes care is always changing. A diabetes educator can let you know about new nutrition guidelines, glucometers, medications or improved insulin delivery devices. Also because diabetes is chronic and progressive, the strategies to manage it usually need to be adapted over time.

Diabetes Education Classes

In small groups of three to six people, you will learn what to eat, how your medicine works, how to check blood sugar, what to do for high or low sugars, and how to take care of your feet, among other things.

There are four core classes that are two hours each and a follow-up class that is one hour. Most people will benefit from taking all five classes, but your diabetes educator can help guide you to which classes will meet your personal needs.

Diabetes in Pregnancy Class

Diabetes can make pregnancy a challenging time. Whether you had diabetes before your pregnancy, or developed it during pregnancy, this class will help you successfully manage your blood sugar. Offered in small groups of two to four women, you will receive the most current guidelines for blood sugar monitoring, nutrition, weight gain and exercise for pregnancy. Classes are offered weekly. Ask your provider or call us at 443-682-6800.

Insulin Pump Therapy

Insulin pumps deliver a continuous infusion of insulin 24 hours a day. Many people find this method improves their quality of life and offers them more flexibility with eating than ever before. If your medical provider thinks this treatment is right for you, our program will prepare you to safely transition to insulin pump therapy. This program for UMCDE patients consists of three to four classes focused on intensive diabetes management, including carbohydrate counting. Classes are offered monthly.

Diabetes Support Group

Living with diabetes is not easy. This support group was established to give you a place where you can meet and talk with others who face the same daily challenges. Discussions are led by diabetes educators and a variety of guest speakers.

No reservation is required. It is open to the public and free. To schedule an education appointment, call 443-682-6800.