The University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus is committed to protecting the environment. Our internal sustainability and environmental responsibility program aims to increase recycling while reducing the amount of red bag infectious waste we produce as an institution. From the beginning, the program has fostered a culture of sustainability at the hospital and has paid large dividends in our quest to reduce, reuse and recycle at every opportunity.

The program began with a new comprehensive waste separation and recycling program. This system — to properly separate waste at the point of generation, with substantial training on the new processes — has allowed UMMC Midtown Campus to decrease infectious waste by more than 50% in one year (50,000 pounds per month), while increased recycling opportunities have more than doubled in the same period.

What has made all of our initiatives possible is the hard work and dedication of the volunteer members of our Green Team. Over a dozen employees from various departments give us the strength and diversity we need to develop successful, sustainability initiatives. The Green Team actively promotes sustainability throughout the hospital with events such as America Recycles Day and Earth Day. The team is also responsible for developing new ideas and initiatives.

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