Read about the positive impact the Breathmobile has had on several of the more than 800 children the Breathmobile has served in the last few years.

Kenneth Dye and Mynny Jordan

My children have always had a lot of trouble with their asthma and allergies, but the Breathmobile has taught me so much about how to control their asthma so that we didn't end up in the emergency room or hospital. My kids love the Breathmobile and have learned so much about how to take care of their asthma. -- Kayetta Dye

TJ Carroll

I am so thankful that the Breathmobile was able to teach us so much about asthma and that attacks are so preventable. And they did it at my son's school- as a single mom juggling a full-time job and family that made it so much easier to get him the care he needed. I genuinely love the Breathmobile and everything it has done for my family. -- Chandra Bailey

Rayfield Mason

I enjoy going to the Breathmobile, They take excellent care of me and keep me informed on ways to control my asthma. Thanks to the Breathmobile for coming to my community school.

Nykia Knight

Nykia and I have learned so much from the Breathmobile, and they are always there when we need them. It is so easy to see them as they come into our neighborhood to make it easier. It's also free. I am so thankful they have helped make my daughter healthy. -- Sherry Knight