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At University of Maryland Children’s Hospital, your child gets a team of experienced surgeons. We help children from ages newborn through 18.

Our pediatric surgery specialists treat a long list of childhood conditions, from simple to complex disorders. They specialize in many innovative procedures as well as surgeries to treat common conditions that can cause head and neck, thoracic and abdominal issues.

We also have pediatric urology specialists on our team to care for your child's urologic issues, with surgery or other treatment. Learn more about the urology-related conditions we treat. 

Why Choose UM Children's Pediatric Surgery

UM Children's Pediatric Surgery Doctors 2023

James T. Moore, MD; Eric D. Strauch, MD; Brian R. Englum, MD; Helena M. Crowley, MD; and Kimberly M. Lumpkins, MD of the Pediatric Surgery and Urology team.

Our dedicated team treats more than just the illness. We care for the child and the entire family.

When you bring your child to the UM Children's pediatric surgery team, you get:

  • Multiple surgical options, including minimally invasive surgery, which results in less pain and complications for children
  • A team connected to the latest expanding research efforts and innovative techniques, including EXIT and ECMO
  • Around-the-clock phone access to surgeons – for both patients and referring physicians
  • A dedicated specialist from our child life team to help children cope with surgery and painful conditions
  • Support and accommodations for local and out-of-town families
  • Pediatric anesthesiologists to ensure safe procedures
  • Unparalleled care and compassionate treatment
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We have offices conveniently located in and near Baltimore and throughout Maryland: