As a full service transplantation center, our patients come in all sizes. Although the majority of our transplant patients are adults, we also have a team of doctors who specialize in performing kidney and liver transplants in children.

Our youngest patients are our top priority. Our goal is to get children out of the hospital and back into their normal routines and activities as soon as possible. In order to do this, we offer children with kidney and liver diseases a full range of services, including renal transplantation, dialysis care, vascular access procedures, treatments for hepatitis and fully integrated medical care.

By the time most of our pediatric patients reach our transplant center, they've already developed longstanding relationships with doctors and nurses at the Medical Center. Most parents choose to take advantage of our transplant services because they know that we collaborate with their children's primary care doctors and other specialists.

Addressing Children's Needs

Transplantation in children differs from adult transplantation. Not only are children smaller than adults, they have special needs and unique medical complications. Children are constantly growing and developing, and their care must be focused on that normal process if they are to reach their full potential. That is why it is important that professionals, trained in the nuances of pediatric care, perform pediatric transplantation.

We do everything in our power to make the transplantation experience a smooth one for our young patients. We use innovative surgical procedures that reduce the amount of time children need to remain at the Medical Center. We are also currently researching ways to minimize the side effects of the medication children must take to keep their bodies from rejecting their new organs.

Pediatric Transplant Teams

Pediatric Transplant Patient Success Stories

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