About six percent of children in the United States have been diagnosed with food allergies. These food allergies occur because the child's immune system is overreacting to a food he or she is consuming. The most common pediatric food allergies include milk, egg, nuts, seafood, soy and wheat.

Services We Offer

The University of Maryland Hospital for Children offers a comprehensive evaluation process to determine whether or not children may be suffering from food allergies. Our evaluation process includes:

  • Gathering a complete medical history.
  • Performing skin testing.
  • Following up with blood testing when necessary.

Treatments We Provide

At the University of Maryland Children's Hospital, we provide comprehensive care for all of our food allergy patients. We have a nutritionist that helps children and parents develop a good diet for the entire family. We offer families education regarding the restrictions that apply to certain food allergies, and we make referrals to local support groups. We also follow up with our patients every three to six months to ensure they are receiving the most comprehensive allergy care available.