Our Transgender Health program is dedicated to helping children, adolescents and their families explore medical treatment options surrounding gender identity. Doctors and nurses at the Children’s Hospital understand the emotional and physical challenges that patients and their families face during transition.

Sometimes around the beginning of puberty, children start to recognize that their bodies don't match their identity. This can be a difficult time when families are seeking information and support. 

We know it can be intimidating to open up to medical professionals about very personal issues of gender, body image, emotions, puberty, and sexuality. Our job is to listen and help identify what medical treatment patients really need in order to feel comfortable in their own skin

We talk with parents and siblings about what to expect as their family member transitions. Feeling supported at home and maintaining open communication is critical for the entire family. Our team works closely with professionals who can provide ongoing counseling for transgender patients and their families

Ages Served by Pediatric and Adolescent Team

We see patients with gender identity issues at any age, although medical treatments typically do not start until a child is approaching puberty – on average age 10 for female puberty and ages 11-12 for male puberty. A parent or guardian is encouraged to attend medical appointments and must grant written consent before medical therapy can begin for a child under age 18.  

Some families recognize the need for gender affirmation in children before they reach puberty. We welcome these families to meet with us at any time to discuss possible steps for puberty blockers in the future. 

Typically, parents accompany their child/teen to the appointment and make medical decisions together. There is always opportunity for the child/teen to speak with the medical team to discuss private concerns at each visit.  

The Team

Doctors from family medicine, pediatric and adult endocrinology and plastic surgery work together to share information, resources and services for patients and their families.

Physicians include: 


  • Primary health care
  • Puberty blockers
  • Cross sex hormone therapy
  • Referrals for surgical procedures when appropriate

Counseling for Patients and Families

The Transgender team can help connect patients and families to psychologists, psychiatrists and support groups that provide ongoing counseling and opportunities for sharing in the trans journey.

Appointment Number

Pediatric and Adult Endocrinology at UMMC Midtown: 443-682-6800