UMMC Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine provides specialized care for HIV patients and their families.

The PACE (Pediatric AIDS Care and Evaluation) and STAR TRACK (Special Teens At-Risk, Together Reaching Access, Care and Knowledge) Programs are comprehensive HIV care programs. We offer HIV counseling and testing for HIV exposed infants, well-child care, case management, developmental assessment, specialized immunologic care and access to research/clinical trials to families affected by HIV disease.  

Meeting our Population’s Needs

We address the unmet service needs of populations affected by HIV/AIDS (persons of color, youth, young men who have sex with men, and women), reduce health disparities, and increase access to care. Our programs treat HIV infected and at risk women, infants, children and youth who have not had access to services or who were in treatment and were lost to follow up care.  

We reach the following vulnerable high risk groups:

  • HIV positive pregnant women identified by prenatal testing
  • HIV exposed infants born to HIV positive women
  • HIV infected infants, children, youth and young adults

We also offer specialized care for HIV infected young men who have sex with men (YMSM) and transgender youth. Our support services are housed within our program, allowing for coordinated linkage and communication in a natural flow of treatment. Services are tailored to clients’ needs and are responsive to consumer feedback and emerging needs in the local epidemic. 

HIV Prevention

Our Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Program offers biomedical prevention to young people ages 12-24 who engage in or have engaged in risk behavior. Our PrEP program is for youth who have unprotected sex, have multiple partners or are in a committed relationship with an HIV positive partner. 


Our programs are located in the 21201 zip code, which is proximate to the areas on the west side of Baltimore with the highest prevalence based on AIDS reporting and sero-surveillance.

  • 120 Penn Street
    Baltimore, MD 21201