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Primary Care is where your journey to good health starts and your primary care provider (PCP) is your guide.

Your PCP will assess your overall health on a regular basis and will work with you to help you achieve your best self.

From annual exams to managing chronic conditions to dealing with acute issues like sprains, rashes and gashes, your PCP is trained to handle 90% of all your health-related concerns and issues. And as part of the UM Capital Region Health Medical Group, our providers have access to a wide range of specialists for those conditions that need more advanced treatment. 

The primary care offices at UM Capital Region Health Medical Group include specialists in Family Medicine and Internal Medicine. Family Medicine providers treat the whole family, from newborn infants to the elderly. Internal Medicine providers, called Internists, work primarily with adults aged 18 and older. UM Capital Region Health offers primary care at our offices in Cheverly (Family medicine), Largo (Internal Medicine), Laurel (Internal Medicine and some pediatrics), National Harbor (Family Medicine) and Suitland (Family and Internal Medicine).

Your PCP is with you for the long haul. We encourage everyone to have a relationship with a PCP who knows your history, your concerns and your objectives for a long, healthy life.