Help for Adults Living with Sickle Cell Disease

Are you one of the estimated 1,200 adults in Prince George’s County living with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)? Do you know someone who is? If so, you know how challenging it can be to find care when you are in a pain crisis or are just trying to find a specialist to manage your care. 

The dedicated Adult Sickle Cell Clinic at UM Capital Region Health is here to help! 

As the only comprehensive Adult Sickle Cell Clinic in Prince George’s County, the clinic offers patients expert care in managing SCD and provides intervention during a pain crisis or vaso-occlusive event (VOE).  

Our specially trained nurse practitioners and social workers provide compassionate care to adult sufferers of SCD. They also work closely with the UM Capital Region Health Emergency Department to help identify adult SCD patients and get them the emergency care they deserve with dignity and respect. 

Services Offered

In addition to providing routine diagnosis and follow-up care for adults with SCD, treatments include:

Pain management

  • Hydroxyurea (Drozia, Hydrea) is an oral medication that can reduce the frequency of pan crises and acute chest syndrome. It can also improve anemia thereby reducing the need for blood transfusions.
  • L-Glutamine (Endari) is powder delivered orally when mixed in liquids or food that helps reduce the frequency of pain crises.
  • Voxelotor (Oxbryta) is an oral medication that has been shown to lower the risk of anemia while improving blood flow. It works by preventing the cells from sticking together which reduces blood cell destruction and improves blood flow and reduces the risk for anemia. 
  • Crizanlizumab (Adakveo) is an injected (infused) medication that reduces the frequency and severity of pain crises from Vaso-Occlusive Events (VOEs). It works by preventing the blood cells from sticking to blood vessel walls, improving blood flow and reducing inflammation. 
  • Other pain medications, including opioids, may be prescribed depending on the severity of the pain crises.

IV Hydration

Adequate hydration is essential to improving blood flow. Some SDC patients benefit from more intense IV hydration to recover from a pain or fatigue episode.

Epogen infusion/injection

Epogen is an injectable medication that is used to treat anemia. It works by instructing the bone marrow to generate more red blood cells.  

Blood Transfusion

  • The clinic offers simple blood transfusions that may be required to address anemia or to increase the number of ‘normal’ blood cells in the body when patients are experiencing a pain or VOE crisis. Simple infusions add blood to the patient’s existing supply.
  • Apheresis Infusions involve the replacement of the patient’s blood rather than simply adding to it. Apheresis infusions are not currently offered at the clinic, but the clinic can refer patients to local facilities that offer them. 

Schedule an Appointment

The clinic is open Monday - Friday between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Call 240-677-2206 to schedule an appointment at UM Capital Region Medical Center in Largo, or schedule a telehealth appointment.

Access to Other Clinical Services

The staff at the M Capital Region Health Adult Sickle Cell Clinic works with area specialists in genetic testing and counseling, bone marrow transplant and other gene therapies. They are available to talk with you about these services and make appropriate referrals for these services if and when it is appropriate for each patient. 

Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care? We are here for you too!

The Adult Sickle Cell Clinic at UM Capital Region Health treats patients aged 16 and older. We work with area pediatric sickle cell centers to provide an easy transition from pediatric to adult care. Call us at 240-677-2206 for more information or talk with your pediatric specialist to begin the transition process.