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At University of Maryland Capital Region Health, we understand diabetes care is a chronic disease that needs to be managed properly so you can continue to enjoy life and get back to the things that matter most to you.

We offer a team approach to lifelong management of Type I, Type II and Gestational diabetes. Our caring, experienced staff of dietitians, diabetes educators, and registered nurses helps you learn to manage and control your diabetes by eating healthy, exercising and taking your medicines the right way.

Hospital Care and Management

When you stay at one of UM Capital's hospitals, we have a comprehensive team that helps you through your inpatient stay or can help you through a new diagnosis of diabetes.

Our experienced staff works with your doctor and nurses to give you the highest quality care for your diabetes and other conditions. This includes managing your blood sugars, providing for your nutritional needs, and teaching you basic skills to manage your diabetes once you leave the hospital.

The Diabetes Center clinical staff provides basic survival skills education for newly diagnosed diabetes patients and consults with physicians and nursing staff to assist with glycemic management during the hospital stay.

Our inpatient diabetes management services are offered at University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center.

Helping People with Diabetes.

Find out how you can donate your car to help support people with diabetes.