Medical staff in conversation

University of Maryland Capital Region Health is committed to delivering quality healthcare in an environment that embraces the diversity of our patients, employees and community partners.

Providing Culturally Compassionate Care

Every patient we care for comes with different experiences and cultures that affect their understanding, and therefore their patient experience. At UM Capital, we value our patients' diversity and embrace the differences that make us unique.

Our employees are trained in culturally compassionate care. When caring for patients, they consider the many ways we are alike and respect the ways we are different so we can provide excellent care to all those we encounter.

Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Talent

We believe that by choosing talented employees with diverse backgrounds we can better care for our diverse patient population. We believe a diverse workforce is important to advancing how we treat and care for our patients.

As Equal Opportunity Employers, UM Capital is committed to recruiting talented employees from different races, religions, genders, sexual orientations and other protected classes.

Choosing Vendors that Represent the Diversity of Our Region

Our commitment to diversity extends to how we choose our vendors and suppliers. We are committed to actively seeking out vendors who represent minority-, woman- and service-disabled-veteran-owned businesses.