For Immediate Release May 19, 2020


Kevin Cservek:

University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center (UM BWMC) announced that it is the recipient of a $14,200 grant from the Centering Healthcare Institute for their CenteringPregnancy® and CenteringParenting® programs. The grant recognized UM BWMC's use of technology, specifically telehealth, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

UM BWMC's CenteringPregnancy and CenteringParenting programs, which began in 2012 and 2018 respectively, encourage a cohort model of care where patients and their children meet with their healthcare providers and other patients who are experiencing similar milestones at the same time. By embracing this group model, studies have shown better outcomes for both parent and child.

After a brief hiatus following closures due to COVID-19, both programs resumed their group meetings through Zoom where providers facilitate group discussion, provide education and peer support. Brief office visits are still provided for patients who need to receive shots and medical exams.

By embracing innovative technology, these funds will be used to enhance patient care, and increase telemedicine access, thus reducing the need for in-office visits and care when applicable. Additionally, expectant mothers will be given kits with equipment to help them monitor their health at home and our pediatric patients will now have more access to services in the office to reduce their exposure risk.

"We are very excited and grateful for this affirmation from the Centering Healthcare Institute. This award confirms our vision for providing the best care for our patients no matter the circumstance, especially during this very difficult time," said Dr. Esther Liu, Chair of Pediatrics at UM BWMC and director of the CenteringParenting program.

"Our patients are always the center of what we do. These funds will be used to improve accessibility, make visits and testing more efficient, and bring a greater peace of mind for our patients," said nurse midwife and Centering Pregnancy Director Paula Greer, LCFT, CNM, MS.

Families interested in joining either program are encouraged to call 410-553-8540.


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