If you have pain or weakness in the neck or back, it could be a symptom of a neurological or spinal condition. After consulting with your primary care physician, he or she may refer you to a neurosurgeon for further assessment. At the Spine and Neuroscience Center at UM BWMC, our team of specialists work with you to understand your symptoms and ailments, and conduct thorough examinations and imaging to diagnose the problem.

Each prescribed treatment plan is personalized to meet the patients’ needs, and it may include pain management, physical therapy, or may include surgical treatment. Our neurosurgeons are board certified and have completed extensive training to perform both routine and highly complex procedures.

In addition to our neurosurgeons, our physician assistants (PA-C) assist in surgery and play an instrumental role in our patient’s treatment and recovery. They see post-operative patients in the hospital, round on inpatients after surgery, consult on brain and spine conditions, follow-up with patients through regular phone calls, and order diagnostic tests.

The entire Spine and Neuroscience Center team believes in the quality of our patient’s life, not quantity of patients. They conduct multi-discipline meetings regarding patient care to ensure every aspect of their health is considered during the care process, from first consult to surgical recovery. They also offer second opinions to answer important questions and make sure you choose the best path to restore your health.

To make an appointment at the Spine and Neuroscience Center, call 410-553-8160.