It takes many special qualities to be an emergency department nurse at UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center. Nurses, especially those who serve our emergency patients, balance providing compassionate medical care with prioritization, time management and critical thinking skills. Emergency nurses treat patients in emergency situations where they're experiencing trauma or injury. These nurses quickly recognize life-threatening problems and are trained to help solve them on the spot. They work in partnership and collaboration with our emergency physicians.

Our emergency department nurses are able to care for any type of patient, anytime of the day and under any circumstances. They provide care not only to the patient but to his/her family as well, making sure to include everyone necessary to facilitate a smooth experience and recovery. And, they do it all while maintaining a calm demeanor and communicating through every step of the process.

Our patient population is always changing, making one day never the same as the next. However, our goals in the emergency department never change. We continue to strive to provide efficient high quality nursing care to our ever changing and diverse patient population.

If you have any questions about the emergency department at UM BWMC, please call us at 410-787-4565.

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A badge from the Maryland Patient Safety Center awarded to the UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center for demonstrating a commitment to perinatal health equity.