The Outpatient Anticoagulation Clinic at University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center provides anticoagulation medication management, specifically managing and monitoring warfarin (Coumadin®) therapy upon physician referral. Our primary goal is to provide patients ongoing monitoring of their anticoagulation therapy to ensure desired outcomes and decrease adverse events. The clinic utilizes Point of Care Testing (POCT) via a "finger-stick" that makes available "at-time-of-visit" lab results.

What is warfarin (Coumadin®) used for?

Warfarin helps to control your blood's ability to clot and is prescribed to prevent harmful clots from forming or to treat harmful clots that already have occurred such as and not limited to:

  • A clot in the leg or arm (Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT)
  • A clot in the lung (Pulmonary Embolism or PE)
  • A clot in the brain (Stroke or CVA: cerebral vascular accident)

What is Point of Care Testing (POCT)?

POCT involves the use of a hand-held monitor that uses a "finger-stick" blood sample to test for an INR (International Normalized Ratio) or bleeding time in minutes. POCT is generally less painful than a venipuncture or blood draw from the arm. This enables the clinic to have your INR results immediately, and if needed make modifications to the dosage. Upon leaving the clinic, the patient knows his/her results, dosage instructions, and when to return to the clinic for follow-up.

Why choose the UM BWMC Anticoagulation Clinic?

  • Studies have shown that outpatient anticoagulation clinics provide a more precise control of your warfarin (Coumadin®) therapy. In general, patients can expect improved outcomes, with fewer problems from either inadequate or excessive anticoagulation.
  • The clinic is staffed by clinical pharmacists who have extensive experience in dosing anticoagulation therapy. These knowledgeable pharmacists will interpret the INR and determine immediately if any changes are needed in the dosage of the anticoagulant before the patient leaves the clinic.
  • Patients see the clinical pharmacist face-to-face each visit. This is a major advantage that allows the clinician to adequately assess compliance, potential complications, and review the patients other medications in order to design a dosing regimen.
  • Patient education/counseling provided will always be individualized to meet the needs, preferences, and lifestyle, of the patient. Family members and/or caretakers can also be present to help if needed.
  • The referring physician is provided regular reports regarding clinic visits, warfarin (Coumadin®) dosage, and INR results.

First time visiting?

The clinic is conveniently located in The Aiello Center, on the UM BWMC campus. Patients visiting the clinic for the first time should bring:

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance Card(s)
  • Medication List

Clinic hours:

  • Sunday - Closed
  • Monday - 7:15 - 11:30 am & 1 - 3 pm
  • Tuesday - 7:15 - 11:30 am & 1 - 3 pm
  • Wednesday - 7:15 - 11:30 am & 1 - 3 pm
  • Thursday - 7:15 - 11:30 am & 1 - 3 pm
  • Friday - 7:15 - 11:30 am & 1 - 3 pm
  • Saturday - Closed
  • The clinic is closed evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Referring physicians:

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