In an ongoing effort to ensure equitability within our supply chain, the University of Maryland Medical System is committed to an open and transparent Request for Proposal (RFP) process. This page contains links to our RFPs and detailed instructions on how to respond to them. RFPs will be added to this page as they are issued.

Should you have additional questions, please contact the UMMS representative listed in the RFP.

Upcoming RFI & RFPs

The University of Maryland Medical System, in an effort to provide prospective vendors maximum time to prepare and respond to a Request For Proposal/Request For Information, will be posting the upcoming RFI/RFPs:

  • The University of Maryland Medical System's Office of General Counsel may be seeking the professional services of vendors/companies to provide the following services:
    1. Document Management Software
    2. Matter Tracking Software
    3. Printing and copying services (used occasionally); and
    4. Court reporting services (also used occasionally).
  • Security Services: UMMS will be looking to secure the professional services of a vendor/company that can provide professional-level security services and protection to all of UMMS' hospitals and facilities. The provider of the services will ensure a safe working environment daily for valued visitors, employees and administrators that work and visit any UMMS hospital or facility.

Current RFPs

Bid Advertisement  Prequalification

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company on behalf of the university of Maryland Shore Regional Health System invites the submissions of bids for the Sitework and Site utilities for the new Shore Regional Medical Center.

Supplemental Document:

RFP Title: Reverse Access Center Software Implementation

We are expecting to create a more efficient patient placement experience by having the visibility of open beds at skilled nursing facilities (SNF), assisted living, hospice, and acute inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRF). This would also provide an efficient coordination of care with home health care agencies. Care managers would be able to pair patients with Post-Acute Care (PAC) providers based on payer source and preferred location. The patient referral and response would be transmitted electronically eliminating the use of paper referrals and reducing time waiting on patient placement requests. The software platform would also allow for visibility of the patient's condition to determine which site would be best suited for their clinical needs. This High-Level Solution Requirements section is a narrative describing some high-level business needs. Vendor responses should address these in the format specified in Section 3.4 Part 1: Response to Requirements. 

Implement a tracking system that would facilitate PAC referrals to a Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (IRF), Hospice, and Home Care by centralized care coordination. Establish a care management system that would reduce referred-to-accepted time. Create an increased percentage of UMMS patients in PAC services. 

RFP Due Date: Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Special Note: Please pay close attention to all of the other RFP key and critical dates. 

Supplemental Document: 

RFP Title: Diabetic Retinal Screening Solution

UMMS is looking for a user-friendly solution that captures clear images, enhanced imaging that is easy to use (minimal adjustments per image), with minimal % of unreadable images.

Comfortable for the patient and easy process. Ability for the vendor organization to have ophthalmologists on staff to interpret images and provide results on retinal screening back to the member organization through Epic. If other than an ophthalmologist, describe who interprets results. Share your organizations average turnaround time. 

RFP Closing Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Special Note: Please pay close attention to all of the key and critical RFP dates. 

Supplemental Document:

RFP Title: Pneumatic Tube System

This RFP is for the pneumatic tube system for a new replacement hospital located at 10000 Longwoods Road, Easton, MD. The intent of this work is for the vendor to provide a cost proposal for installation of the pneumatic tube system at University of Maryland Shore Regional Medical Center (UMSRMC), a future 122-bed and 25 observation bed, 407,872 gross square foot hospital with a full complement of diagnostic, treatment and emergency medical care. The vendor should also include a separate fee for design-assist services to aid in the completion of the construction documents. 

RFP Closing Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Special Note: Please pay close attention to all of the critical RFP dates.

Supplemental Documents:

RFP Title: Courier Services

UMMS is seeking a provider of Courier Services. UMMS reserves the right to award all, partial or non of the business to one, multiple or no vendors depending on the responses supplied during this bid. Vendors who can cover only parts of the services are encouraged to respond to those services. The goal of the Courier Services RFP is to identify a partner for UMMS that is able to provide the highest quality and customer service, at the lowest price possible, meet all technology needs, and continually support UMMS.

RFP Critical Dates:

  • Intent to Bid: Friday, January 12, 2024
  • Vendor Responses Due to UMMS: Friday, February 23, 2024

Special Note: Please pay close attention to all of the RFP dates that are listed for vendors.

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