The Corporate Internal Audit Group has been established to provide an independent appraisal function to the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) and its subsidiaries by examining and evaluating the organization's activities, policies and procedures and internal control structure.

Types of Audit Services

Operational Audits

Comprehensive reviews of the varied functions within the organization to appraise the efficiency and effectiveness with which those functions achieve their objectives.

Fraud Audits

Identify the facts and circumstances of possible fraud or misappropriation of the organization's assets.

Financial Audits

Analyses of the economic activity of the organization as measured and reported by accounting methods.

Information Systems Audits

Analyses of effectiveness, efficiency, confidentiality, integrity, availability, compliance, and reliability of data and programs on computer and communication systems.

Compliance Audits

Measure the adherence with company policies, procedures, governmental laws, regulations, sponsored grants, contract requirements, and donor restrictions on use of funds.