Below are the list of presenters, their topics and learning objectives. To schedule a Grand Rounds talk, please complete the Grand Rounds request form.

Samuel M. GalvaganoSamuel M. Galvagno
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology

  • En Route Flight Medicine/Aeromedical Critical Care
  • Biostatistics/Study Design
  • General Critical Care

Thomas Grissom, MD, MSIS, FCCMThomas Grissom, MD, MSIS, FCCM
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology

  • What Can We Do about Delirium and Agitation in the Intensive Care Unit?
  • Taking the ICU into the Operating Room: Management of Septic Shock in the Preoperative Patient
  • The Good, The Bad, and the Very Ugly of Videolaryngoscopy for Airway Management in Trauma
  • Airway Management in the ICU for Non-anesthesiologists
  • Simulation-based Training for Trauma and Critical Care: Making the Most of your Resources

Ron Samet, MDRon Samet, MD
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Director, Program in Regional Anesthesiology

  • Peripheral Nerve Blocks in Trauma Patients
  • Novel Perioperative Uses of Bedside Ultrasound
  • Fundamentals of Ultrasound Imaging and Ultrasound-guided (UG) Technique: Tips to Excel in UG Vascular Access and Regional Anesthesia
  • Traumatic Shock: Assessment and Resuscitation
  • How Bedside Ultrasound Might Change Your Anesthetic Practice
  • Cancer Services